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With recent developments in artificial intelligence, natural language understanding and speech recognition and generation, more and more organizations are turning to conversational AI automation to give their customers a high level of service whenever they get in touch – all while ensuring that costs are kept under control.

Building on our vast voice expertise, AudioCodes Live CX offers a conversational AI solution – VoiceAI Connect – to create a communication hub between any bot framework, any telephony system and any cognitive speech service to support virtually any voice-bot use case. Based on a best-of-breed approach, VoiceAI Connect allows you to pick the best provider for bot frameworks and speech services, and can be deployed in either private or public clouds.

VoiceAI Connect includes Cloud and Enterprise editions to support any deployment, integration or regulatory requirement.

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Conversational AI Overview

VoiceAI Connect Overview



Enterprise Edition

Best suited for advanced deployments that require integration with existing contact centers. It offers the complete set of capabilities, including customization to suit specific customer needs.



Cloud Edition

Best suited for quick trials, PoC and standalone voice bots. A self-service portal in which you can immediately connect your bot to a public phone number, allowing you to call and speak with your bot in just few clicks.


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